MUST SEE: Victim succeeds in getting Larry Nassar to apologize to her in court

Emily Morales waited until the last minute to contact the Michigan attorney general's office but she finally had her chance to confront the man who gained her trust before sexually assaulting her on multiple occasions.

Morales, 18, stood before Larry Nassar on Tuesday in an Ingham County courtroom in search of closure and demanded that Nassar apologize to her right then and there. And in one of the most talked about moments since the hearing began, Nassar obliged.

“I want to forgive you and feel closure,” Morales said to Nassar. “I want you to apologize, right now.”

“I'm sorry,” Nassar said in a low voice.

Nassar is being charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct for abusing many women (young girls at the time) while saying it was a medical procedure.

According to MLive, more than 150 have now come forward to give victim-impact statements during the hearing which began on Jan. 16.

Morales said that she once viewed Nassar as a friend.

Via MLive:

The treatments were “painful, awkward and uncomfortable,” she said. But Morales also saw Nassar as a kind, compassionate doctor, a friend even.

“You made me feel so special,” Morales told Nassar in the courtroom Tuesday. “I looked up to you so much. I wanted to be just like you.”

As Nassar has had to sit and listen to many of the women he abused when they were younger, we can only hope that they truly do feel some closure to what they had to suffer through.


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