Victor Martinez to do Some Time Behind the Plate This Season?

Word out of Tigers camp is that Victor Martinez is going to head to spring training with the pitchers and catchers in a mere 20 days as a possible option to catch in National League parks.  Brad Ausmus has been on record telling Free Press reporter Anthony Fenech,

“We’ll have to see where we are. “But it’s a possibility that, prior to playing in a NL park, we could send Victor down to the bullpen to catch some bullpens or a simulated game with the pitcher on the field, just as an option to keep his bat in the lineup, should it be necessary.”

This is all a possibility though, because there is even a chance that Miguel Cabrera might not be able to start the season, leading to platooning Martinez at first with Avila.  However in the past two seasons Martinez has only caught two games.  I know Martinez has been a full time catcher in the past, but I would feel much better seeing him at first base with Cabrera moving to third for a game or two.  Martinez is too valuable of an asset for the Tigers to take a chance with him catching with his history of knee injuries.  His bat is very important to the line up, but his health and being in the line up for 162 games is more important, and a key to the Tigers making it to the World Series.

Only 20 days until pitchers and catchers report.  Time to get excited Tigers fans, because baseball is back.

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