Video: Brady Hoke Makes a Cameo in Latest Edition of Mean Tweets

We’re usually big fans of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets, in which famous stars or athletes take turns reading real life Twitter insults in deadpan. However, we admit this college football edition was lacking a little punch at the start. Maybe it’s the lack of a live studio audience giving us laughing cues, or just flat out bad jokes, who knows.

Either way, after a handful of uneventful Tweets referencing Desmond Howard’s maze mustache and a largely unoriginal Rece Davis insult, things slowly picked up before peaking at the 47-second mark:

And boom goes the dynamite.

Close runner-up goes to the Scott Van Pelt Tweet, both for its grammatical inaccuracy (always a must for an effective online insult) and the manner with which it induced Van Pelt to say out loud, “Get the penis man off my screen.”

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