Video emerges of Dan Campbell’s fiery Ford Field speech to Detroit Lions fans

On Saturday, the Detroit Lions held Family Fest at Ford Field and head coach Dan Campbell fired up the fans in attendance with a fiery speech.

“Here’s my message to fans, it’s this,” Campbell shouted into the microphone. “I want you to envision right now that we’re in the backyard because Ford Field is our backyard. And we’ve got our fire pit in the backyard. And so we’ve got a beer, we’ve got our hot dogs, we’ve got our wine, kids got the marshmallows ready to go. “Let me tell you something,” Campbell continued. “We’re going to bring the firewood and we’re going to light the flame. And you guys know at some point late in the night and you really want to see the show and see how high we can get this thing to burn. You’ll douse it in gasoline and that’s what we need from you!”


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