Video: ESPN Pays Homage to EA Sports NHL ’94

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Our disdain with ESPN is day-to-day, but every now and again they still seem to find a way to kick out something for which we can give a slight stamp of approval. This is kinda, sorta one of those things.

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In honor of last Friday’s matchup between the Los Angeles Kings and Montreal Canadiens (aka a rematch of the 1993 Stanley Cup Finals), Neil Everett and company dipped into the archives, yielding some assistance from EA Sports in sprinkling just enough of a retro NHL ’94 touch on the highlights to make us feel all nostalgic and whatnot.

(If not shown above, video can be seen HERE)

The faceoff picture-in-picture, the thump and subsequent cheers & jeers of a mid-ice check, the stars beneath human-controlled players, and even the ol’ familiar goal siren were all accounted for over the course of the highlight.

From the looks of it, all that was missing was a few automatic wrap-around goals and a digital rendition of “Brass Bonanza”.


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Posted by Ryan Van Dusen
Ryan is a Farmington native who enjoys all things basketball, particularly when it involves the Detroit Pistons. He spends much of his free time combing through NBA archives and curating footage of meaningless late-90's regular season performances for mass consumption.