Video: Former Piston Charlie Villanueva Flies High for One-Handed Alley-Oop Dunk

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Remember Charlie Villanueva? You know, the guy for whom the Pistons paid over $87,000 for every point he scored during the 2013-2014 regular season? The dude who managed to fire 2.8 three-point attempts per game while playing just 9 minutes a night in 20 appearances?

Well, not only did Villanueva arrive in the Dallas Mavericks training camp as a free agent and perform well enough to force the Mavs to part ways with one of their guaranteed contracted employees (center Bernard James), but he’s apparently discovered the fountain of youth along the way.

Toward the tail end of a 140-106 Dallas Mavericks beatdown of Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers Friday night, Charlie V. sprinted the length of the floor just in time to catch a well-placed alley-oop delivery from teammate Jae Crowder. Villa was able to elevate & gather Crowder’s dish in stride, flushing it through with one-hand in a single fluid motion, inciting a hometown commentator to exclaim, “Charlie V. still has it!” This may come as news to those in Motown, who might not have known Villy ever had it in the first place.

Yes, there once was a time where Villanueva was just a guy with hops and upside. Tough to wrap one’s head around the idea of Charlie Villanueva being a part of the same graduating class as LeBron James but alas, those two put on a dunk show together back in ’03: