FLASHBACK: Gary Thorne executes perfect commentating in empty Camden Yards

DSN was mostly hands off this week when it came covering Wednesday’s riot-induced zero attendance baseball game in Baltimore (the Red Wings’ playoff run served as a worthy diversion). But when we stumbled upon Gary Thorne’s seventh inning call of Adam Jones’ booming double to center, we were instantly transfixed:

(the video can be seen HERE if it does not show above)

The crack of the bat, combined with Thorne’s ultra-subdued “Jones will whack the son of a gun to centerfield. That’s deep, it’s deep. And it’s… off the centerfield wall” moved us to a near zen-like state. A part of us wouldn’t mind watching a zero attendance baseball game more often (cue Miami Marlins joke).

That said, when it comes to Gary Thorne, we may still prefer his slightly more excitable mid-90’s NHL on ESPN version:



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