Video: Kevin Garnett Headbutts Dwight Howard, Harmless Basketball Tussle Ensues

Who’s up for a good old fashioned dust-up? Well, this clip’s probably  not going to do it for you. But by NBA standards, this is what constitutes a fight these days. Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard and Brooklyn Nets agitator Kevin Garnett had themselves a verbal disagreement earlier this evening and all the symptoms of a lame altercation were present:

1) Half-hearted shove followed by quarter-hearted retaliation tag

2) Two-handed chest pass to the back of offending player

3) Random words

4) Body-led headbutt with no real force

5) Retaliatory open-handed right arm extension that grazes the upper chest of challenger

6) Wild “I’m gonna get you!” antics only after a wall of teammates forms between the two would-be pugilists

Garnett was ejected for his antics. Howard received a technical foul for his awful open-hand swat.

Something about all this seems so familiar…

Oh yeah:

Good times.

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