Well this is awkward, Kate Upton over shares on national TV [VIDEO]


As everyone knows, Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander and model/actress Kate Upton are engaged to be married.

Ever since they began dating, their relationship has been in the spotlight, thanks mostly to social media.

On Wednesday, Upton joined Andy Cohen’s late night show Watch What Happens Live! and was more than willing to discuss her sex life with Verlander after a caller asked her the question, including revealing whether or not they “mess around” before a game.

Check it out.

When Upton and Verlander initially started dating, some Tigers fans were convinced it would cause J.V. to decline as a pitcher, especially when he was not himself throughout the 2014 season.

Those fans were proven wrong as Verlander had one of the best seasons of his career in 2016, allowing him to finish 2nd place in the American League Cy Young voting. (Who remembers the tweet Upton fired off after finding out that her man did not win?)

So, whether it’s sharing a photo of themselves in their Halloween costumes, defending each other on social media, or Upton appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, you can be sure that J.V. and Kate will continue to be everywhere we look. And to be completely honest, who really cares as long as they are both happy?