WATCH: Massive hit by Pavel Datsyuk leads to 25 minutes in penalties


Former Detroit Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk was never known for racking up penalty minutes during his NHL career, but he decided to switch things up upon entering the KHL.

Datsyuk’s current team, SKA St. Petersburg was in the middle of a playoff game against HC Dynamo Moscow. Datsyuk took exception to being hit from behind by an opponentĀ and set his sights on a different opponent that just took a shot. Datsyuk leveled him, earning him 25 minutes in penalties and a game misconduct.

The crazy thing is, Datsyuk never received more than 25 minutes in penalties (with the exception of the 2003-04 Season) in any season he played in the NHL with Detroit. Talk about breaking your own personal record in a hurry!

In 44 games with SKA St. Petersburg, Datsyuk amassed 34 points and helped his team to a playoff spot.