Another night, another officiating controversy in the National Hockey League. Last night in Detroit, tonight in St. Paul. The play in question tonight was even more cut and dry than last night’s debate on whether Columbus forward Brandon Dubinsky went full Paul Bunyan on Henrik Zetterberg’s lumber.

With the entire league watching (it was the only NHL game on the schedule) and a national TV audience, NHL officials made one of the worst calls I’ve seen all season. Minnesota’s Zach Parise’s goal never should have counted, because he was offside on the play. Chicago challenged, and the ruling was somehow called inconclusive, even though we have clear evidence that Parise was still in the zone when the puck was fired back in.

Ineptitude at it’s finest. It really comes down to this: Why have these rules regarding challenging and all the camera technology if we’re still going to get the call wrong? The NHL has some serious explaining to do after yet another blown call by one of their men in stripes.