Villanova QB Daniel Smith ‘throws’ craziest TD pass of all-time [Video]

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Ok, I have to be honest with you about something. I cannot stand when somebody posts a video and labels it as the “greatest of all time” or the “best of all time” or the “craziest of all time.”

The reason why I cannot stand it is that 99 out of 100 times, I feel let down after watching the video of what happened.

Well, I am 100% confident that you are going to agree that what you are about to see is the craziest touchdown piece you have ever seen.

Take a look as Villanova QB Daniel Smith takes the snap, rolls out to his right, and then somehow “throws” the ball which is caught for a touchdown.

Villanova ended up losing the game to Deleware 27-20 but the score is not what will be remembered from this game.

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