Vince Carter’s Top 10 In-Game Dunks

5. Gather Step Windmill

This one speaks for itself. In fact, let the Clippers bench do the talking. In particular, this guy:

Clippers Bench

Want to gauge how wild a dunk really is? When an opposing player involuntarily launches off the bench, both hands over his head as if he’s taking cover, you’ve got something special.

4. The Peak of Dunking on Duncan

Vince Carter dunking on Tim Duncan has been a tiny career subplot to both parties involved, popping up before, during (above), and after each player’s prime. This jam during the ’03 campaign takes the cake though.

3. The NBA’s First In-Game Full Windmill Alley-Oop

Yes, this was a preseason game (hence the neutral stage at UNC). No, there haven’t been many in-game dunks quite like it. Even when the NBA finally caught up to Carter over a decade later, when Gerald Green pulled off an in-game windmill lob, we’re not sure it was as technically proficient as what Carter was bringing to the table at the turn of the century. Green’s elevation was nice, but Carter’s full extension and behind-the-body windmill motion is unparalleled.

2. The Real Dunk on Alonzo Mourning

We mentioned at #10 that Vince and Alonzo would be meeting once more on our countdown. Well, here it is. You may be noticing a running theme by now. Shot blocking center jumps and challenges, Carter elevates higher.

1. The Greatest Alley-Oop of All-Time

Style, hype, elevation, swagger, and atmosphere all rolled into one. It’s interesting to watch Dee Brown’s body language in this one (Carter’s teammate who delivers the pass). It appears as if he feels he’s short-armed the pass, and he had. But as the prevailing thought goes, sometimes the worst passes make the best alley-oops.

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The Raptors trailed this contest by eight points late in the fourth quarter, mind you. Clippers fans had to have been hyped about a prospective win over Vince Carter and a solid Raptors squad. Yet, the roar that meets Carter’s alley-oop flush is one more conducive to a home team game-winner. At the height of his pop-culture relevance and reverence, catching a legendary Carter dunk was the event.

Oh, and by the way, about that game-winner… three minutes after Carter’s historic dunk:


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