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Viral video from Lions vs. Steelers game shows dude punching girl during brawl

The Pittsburgh Steelers hosted the Detroit Lions on Saturday night and though the game itself was a snoozefest, what happened in the stands was anything but that.

Take a look as a women and a man get into an argument during the game, resulting in the man getting slapped and the woman getting punched in the face.

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  1. And why did he punch them? Because she hit him first. Correct your fucking caption.
    Here’s a suggestion, ”Woman slaps man at Pittsburgh game resulting in A Nasty brawl.“

  2. Homeboy should have left in a body bag. All the hero’s standing around watching a man hit a woman. He should be arrested and banded from the stadium for LIFE!!!

    • He hit the husband first, and then hit the wife, came back and knocked out the husband and then pushed that bitch off of him. If you’re going to sit there and slap a stranger in the face, you should beat yo ass that they’re going to react. She hit him multiple times before he finally punched her. I’ll save one for you too.

    • The reason he didnt leave in a body bag was because all those heroes witnessed her talking all that mess, going back and forth and then finally hitting him first. She was no innocent damsel in distress. The heroes broke the fight up

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