Viral video reveals what Dan Campbell told Panthers HC Steve Wilks after game


On Saturday in Carolina, one team looked like they were ready to fight for a playoff spot, and the other team was the Detroit Lions. Dan Campbell‘s team looked completely unmotivated, while Steve Wilks and the Carolina Panthers were ready to unleash their fury from the opening kickoff. By the time the game was over, the Panthers had rushed for a whopping 321 yards during their 37-23 win.

Dan Campbell Steve Wilks

What did Dan Campbell say to Steve Wilks after the game?

After the final seconds ran off of the clock, Campbell and Wilks met near midfield for their post-game handshake, and Campbell delivered a message that is 100% accurate.

“That was an absolute ass-kicking,” Campbell said. “That's a (expletive) great job!”

Campbell took the blame after the game was over, saying that it is his job to have his team ready, and they were not ready.

“They got after us pretty good, man,” Campbell said. “That’s a hard pill to swallow there. You say things, but ultimately, when you play that way it falls on me, I didn’t have them ready to go. That wasn’t good enough. That was a hungry team we played and we didn’t look as hungry as they did. That’s the bottom line.”

Campbell later added that the Panthers were “physically, mentally, and emotionally” more prepared than the Lions.

Campbell said he will “make sure” the Lions are ready to go next week against the Chicago Bears.