Viral video shows cop shoving Packers RB A.J. Dillon before he performs ‘Lambeau Leap’

If you follow the NFL, you have certainly seen Green Bay Packers players, including current Packers running back, A.J. Dillon perform the ‘Lambeau Leap’ into the crowd at Lambeau Field.

What you have not seen is a Packers player (last least that we know of) performing the ‘Lambeau Leap’ into the crowd during a soccer match at Lambeau Field.

Viral video shows A.J. Dillon escaping cop before performing ‘Lambeau Leap’ during soccer match

As you will see in the video below, A.J. Dillon was attempting to fire up the crowd during a soccer match by performing the ‘Lambeau Leap’ but the police officer at the game did not want to let that happen.

Watch as the officer gives Dillon a shove before he leaps up into the stands at Lambeau Field.

During an interview, Dillon defended the officer.

From Pro Football Talk:

“Two security told me and helped me come down to the field during the 30 minute rain delay, so I could do a Lambeau leap and hype up the crowd. . . . I’m assuming he missed them telling me to come down.” Dillon also said that it was “just miscommunication” and that “I’m glad we have them down there for our games to keep us safe.”

Nation, do you think the officer was out of line for shoving A.J. Dillon, even after he knew what he was trying to do?

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