Viral video shows Drew Brees getting struck by lightning while filming PointsBet commercial

Drew Brees has allegedly been struck by lightning while filming a commercial for PointsBet.

UPDATE: According to Katherine Terrell, who is an ESPN reporter who covers the Saints, she texted Brees and he said he is “good” and that “he did not get struck by lightning”.


Before we go any further, we want to note that it has not yet been confirmed nor denied if this video is in fact real, or if it is fake. With that being said, the video you are about to watch allegedly shows former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees getting struck by lightning. The alleged lightning strike reportedly took place while Brees was shooting a commercial for PointsBet.

Drew Brees

What allegedly happened to Drew Brees while shooting a PointsBet commercial?

As you can see in the video below, which may or may not be real, Brees is struck by lightning while filming a commercial.

Here is the response from PointsBet regarding the video.

 “We are aware of the media coverage regarding PointsBet brand ambassador Drew Brees. We are in communication with Brees’ team and will continue to monitor events throughout the coming hours. At this stage we will not be making any further comment.”

If this video is real, out thoughts and prayers are certainly with Drew Brees, and we wish him the best.