Voice of Detroit Lions says he is preparing call for Super Bowl

It seems like the Detroit Lions are so far from winning a Super Bowl that it is pretty much pointless to even think about it.

In fact, since winning the NFL Championship in 1957, the Lions have won just a single playoff game, which seems like it should be impossible.

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One person who has thought about the Lions winning a Super Bowl is radio announcer, Dan Miller.

Miller, who called his 15th Thanksgiving Day Lions game this past November, said he not only has a call ready for if the Lions ever get to the Super Bowl, but he also has been working on a call for if they ever win it.

From Detroit Free Press:

“I 100% have the call for the NFC championship game. And I have done it hundreds of times in my car. And I absolutely know what I’m going to say and it’s just a matter when we finally get there that I don’t trip over myself cause I’ve done it so many times. The Super Bowl, it’s funny, I was kind of going through some stuff with some friends a couple weeks ago, and it kind of hit me. Cause I really never had anything for that. It was more just getting there, and then I started to think about that and I did jot something down. So I’ve had the NFC championship for quite a while. The Super Bowl is one that I kind of just started beating around and it kind of came to me recently and I’m like – I was actually at the gym and I thought, ‘You know what? That’s not bad.’ So I wrote it in my phone just to be sure.

“I am ready, and I’m definitely ready for the NFC championship game and if that happens, I’ll have two weeks to tune up for the Super Bowl. But I do believe that those are moments where you can think in advance about the historical perspective of what it would mean to the franchise, the city, the fans, and you can kind of have in your head what might happen. Now look, if you get a Saints-Vikings ending, everything kind of at that point goes out the window. But believe me, if you’re in this business and you work doing a team’s games, you dream about that. That is an absolute. That is something that, aside from the dream of having the job, it’s the dream of being a part of a moment like that.”

What do you think, Nation? Will Dan Miller ever get to use his calls?

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