Warriors’ Steve Kerr can go second deck after insulting Detroit

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Steve Kerr is an idiot. The pretentious coach of the Golden State Warriors doesn’t like staying in downtown Detroit on his team’s current road trip. The Warriors are nearing the end of their current road trip, with the game against the Pistons being their final stop.

On a weekly radio show, Kerr had this to say about the team’s digs in downtown Detroit,

“Well I am at the MGM Casino Hotel in downtown Detroit and you want to talk about a soul-sucking experience, man, we’ve got to get home…It’s a new road trip this year because of the new venue downtown we used to play out in Auburn Hills and you would stay in Birmingham, it was this quaint little town and now, no…The casino in downtown Detroit.”

Someone pass Kerr the tissues:

Seriously? Detroit is a soul-sucking place to stay? Come on man, coming from someone who was handed a stacked team and walked quickly to two NBA championships in three seasons, how about we not sound like a jackass?

With the Little Caesars Arena as the Pistons’ new home, Kerr will more than likely be eating his words about the nature of our fine city shortly. Especially when our boys take them to school for the second time this season.

So, Steve Kerr, kindly shut up. Don’t complain about a city that’s shown more backbone over the last decade than you have; a city that has proven to be more resilient than your California dreamboat lifestyle. We’ve got one message of for you:


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  1. Wow, AJ, your over-sensitivity speaks volumes. The man didn’t diss your city, he dissed the hotel. When you protest so loudly about something so trivial, it makes Detroit look worse, not better.

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