WATCH: Alex Avila costs Diamondbacks teammate home run during bizarre play

Major League Baseball arguably has the most intricate book of rules compared to all of these major sports. One so simple was violated after an unusual home run play involving Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Alex Avila.

The Snakes were in Chavez Ravine this weekend taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Arizona is up 3-1 in the top of the fourth inning, with runners on first and second and one out, infielder Deven Marrero. Avila, who signed a two-year deal with Arizona this offseason, is parked over at first base after being issued a walk. Marrero in the next at-bat cranks one deep and appears to leave the yard for a three-run home run.

Except it wasn't a home run, because of what happened on the bases with Marrero and Avila.

The ball clearly (right?) goes over the fence for what should be a three-run blast. However, Avila didn't get a good look at it going over and thought it may have even been caught so he turned to head back to first base and maybe consider tagging up. Little did he know that he just cost Marrero a homer.

It's a rule you rarely ever see in baseball: if the batter-runner (or any baserunner, for that matter) ever overruns the baserunner in front of them, they will be ruled out. Therefore, in this situation, the umpires rule that Marrero ran past Avila just enough for him to be called out.

Both Avila and Chris Owings, who led off the inning with a double for the Diamondbacks, came around to score on the bizarre botched play. As for Marrero, he is awarded just a two-run single versus his would-be sixth career major league homer.

Fortunately for Arizona, the blunder did not affect the outcome of the game as the Diamondbacks went on to win by a score of 9-1. They now are off to an 11-3 start to the season, subsequently dropping the Dodgers to a record of 4-9. The Snakes have now won 11 consecutive regular season games against Los Angeles dating back to last season.