WATCH: Barcelona pulls off one of the biggest comebacks in sports history

The last few years of sports have given us some impeccable moments. Teams have blown 3-1 series leads, 28-3 halftime leads, 15 point leads with less than 90 seconds left, and now apparently a 4-0 goal aggregate. In modern sports, no lead is safe and that was readily apparent in the UEFA Champions League match-up between FC Barcelona and Paris-Saint Germain.

Paris-Saint Germain found themselves with a 4-0 goal aggregate at the end of their first leg against storied Barcelona on February 14. For those of you not familiar with international soccer, the two phrases mentioned above can be explained here.

Paris-Saint Germain had themselves practically in a no-lose situation as no team in UEFA Champions League history have ever blown a 4-0 goal aggregate. However, what transpired on Wednesday was something the soccer world had never seen before.

Look at the video below for the madness that ensued in the second leg.

The impossibility of this comeback cannot be understated. Barcelona not only had to overcome a four-goal deficit but also hold PSG to one or less goal as well. The final goal to move Barca on took place in the waning seconds of the match. This was one of the biggest comebacks in soccer and one of the most improbable in all of sports.

Written by Dylan Bair

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