WATCH: Bo Jackson’s ‘Tecmo Bo’ 2017 Kia Sorento ad

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Kia went straight old school when promoting one of their all-new SUV’s.

An arcade game released back in the late 1980’s known as ‘Tecmo Bowl’ is one of the all-time greatest sports games ever created. The game was originally just in arcade form, but its popularity grew and soon found itself available on actual game consoles, first being on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

There were many players you didn’t want to be matched up against. Whether it be Walter PaytonJerry Rice, Lawrence Taylor, Eric Dickerson, Dan Marino, Barry Sanders or even Herschel Walker.


There was one guy that stood out above the rest, his name, Bo Jackson. Bo had twice the speed than anybody on the field and no matter how good of a defense was on the field, they were no match for the legendary Los Angeles Raiders running back. There’s even a YouTube video out there with someone showing a Bo run that lasts for nearly two minutes and really puts into perspective just how unstoppable he really was. He was as good as it got in the video game and it seems as though Kia hasn’t forgotten about that.

In a recent ad promoting the new 2017 Kia Sorento, they flashback and made the promotion ‘Tecmo Bowl’ themed, featuring none other than Bo Jackson himself. The creativity put into this ad is unheard of. Have a look for yourself.

… Seriously Kia, you didn’t have to go that cool on us. Hats off to you guys for brainstorming such an awesome idea that was made into a piece of art. ‘Tecmo Bowl’ still has a lasting appeal to this day and this ad by Kia proves just that.