WATCH: Detroit Lions break out a Rockettes kick line for touchdown celebration

Touchdown celebrations have been among the bigger storylines in the NFL this season. Players have gone above and beyond with their celebrations too, definitely taking full advantage of the NFL deciding to be more lenient on penalizing teams for such.

The Detroit Lions were the latest to get recognized for their creativity. On Saturday in a division game at home against the Chicago Bears, Detroit scored a touchdown midway through the second quarter to put Leo up 13-0. It was a Matthew Stafford touchdown pass to wide receiver T.J. Jones from three yards out; a scoring play that was set up by a huge Marvin Jones Jr. grab three plays prior.

Feeling festive, members of the Lions took part in a Rockettes-themed kick line routine.

Joining along side the aforementioned Jones tandem are other members of the Lions' receiving corps – running back Theo Riddick, wide receiver Golden Tate and tight end Eric Ebron.

Now they get a 10/10 on originality, no question about that. Execution could have been a little more crisp. Riddick there on the far right was never quite in sync with the rest of the line. And the kicks were not quite as sky high as the real Rockettes precision line, aren't these guys suppose to be world-class athletes? Amateurs.

Not sure if this group is going to be doing celebrity appearances with the actual Rockettes, but you have to admire the effort.

You have to wonder how Detroit-born comedian Keegan-Michael Key liked the celebration. Under his other identity “Boogie Down Brown,” Key invaded the Lions' practices earlier this week and gave some of the players some key pointers on pulling off some top-shelf touchdown celebrations.