WATCH: Detroit Tigers OF Mikie Mahtook destroys carton of eggs off batting tee

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Here at Detroit Sports Nation, we pretty much have Mikie Mahtook penciled in as the starting left fielder for the 2018 Detroit Tigers. That should come as no surprise to anyone as Mahtook played very well after the All-Star break, batting .283 with eight home runs and 22 RBIs in 59 games.

On Tuesday night, the Tigers tweeted out the following video of Mahtook absolutely destroying a carton of eggs off a batting tee and we have no idea why.

Check it out.

According to some of the tweets, we were not the only ones to miss the point of this.

Hmm… Maybe that last guy to tweet is on to something considering Mahtook will be wearing No. 8 this season rather than the No. 15 he wore in 2017. No. 8 became available not that Justin Upton is no longer with the team.


Nicholas Castellanos sounds off on ‘expectations’

Nicholas Castellanos of the Detroit Tigers sounded off on “expectations” and he may be on to something here. Brad Galli of WXYZ Detroit ABC TV caught up with Nicholas about expectations for the Detroit Tigers during Spring Training and here’s what he had to say:

Mr. Castellanos may sound a bit “standoffish”  but why not? This upcoming season is already seen as a loss by many people who follow the Tigers. There are no good expectations for this team according to fans thoughts and most analysis about the 2018 Tigers. The way Castellanos answered this question, is the way the players should feel about going out onto the field and playing. Expectations don’t matter. None of this talk about how good or bad someone will be in February matters.

It doesn’t matter because if they fail, they’re expected to fail. They are projected to win 68.5 games, according to Vegas, so why not play with some kind of chip on the shoulder?

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