WATCH: Jim Caldwell salutes Lions fans as he exits Ford Field for what could be final time

Jim Caldwell Carolina Panthers Lions

According to multiple reports, Sunday’s win over the Green Bay Packers was likely Jim Caldwell’s final game as the head coach of the Detroit Lions.

As the final minute ran off the clock, the television cameras panned to Caldwell, who had a smile on his face after the Lions swept the Packers for the first time since the 1991 season.

At the conclusion of the game, as he walked towards the tunnel, Caldwell took the time to salute the fans at Ford Field.

During his press conference after the game, Caldwell refused to give any information whatsoever as to whether or not he will still be the Lions head coach come Monday.


The next Detroit Lions head coach will be…

Though nobody in the Detroit Lions organization is willing to speak a word about it, head coach Jim Caldwell will likely be fired soon after the final game of the regular season, which will take place on Sunday afternoon.

There is no question about it that Caldwell is a great man and is loved by his players but unfortunately, his football coaching skills are not good enough and it’s time for the Lions to go in a different direction before it’s too late.

o, with Caldwell likely being fired, Lions general manager Bob Quinn will have to determine who the next Detroit Lions head coach will be.

Candidates Galore!

When looking around the league, there certainly does not seem to be a shortage of head-coaching candidates for the 2018 season. Heck, the Lions even have a couple of HC candidates currently in their own organization. That being said, there will likely be quite a few head coaching openings around the league, so Quinn will have to be on top of his game before the top guys end up elsewhere.

So, who will Quinn target as he searches for the perfect coach for the Lions roster?

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