WATCH: Little League hitter hits majestic, major league homer

We're less than two weeks away from the start of the 2017 Little League World Series. The 16 best little league programs in the world will meet up in Williamsport, Pennsylvania come August 17.

Peachtree City National LL from Georgia is one of many teams still left standing, as they fight for the Southeast Regional title. And as long as they have Jayce Blalock hitting tape-measure shots like this, they should be good to go.

What's more impressive: the home run itself, or the announcer-induced foreshadowing of said home run?

Has that ball even landed yet? My goodness.

Regional games for the U.S. portion of the Little League World Series continue everyday through Saturday, August 12. The action in Williamsport begins on August 17, and all games can be seen on the ESPN family of networks.

Wonder if Mr. Blalock's home run ball will land by then.