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WATCH: Mark Dantonio avoids awkward question about Jim Harbaugh

If you didn’t think the disrespect of Michigan State Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio is real, wait until you hear this cringe-worthy interview.

Dantonio was doing an interview alongside Washington State Mike Leach for KUSU-TV (San Diego) regarding the Spartans’ and Cougars’ Holiday Bowl matchup on December 28 in San Diego. The interview was going well, and then, well, this happened.

The entire interview is quite informative, up until about the 7-minute mark when KUSI news anchor Brandon Stone dropped this irrelevant question in there, cutting off Dantonio in the process.

Asking the Spartans head coach about Jim Harbaugh’s pants? Is this for real? As the classy guy he is, Dantonio declined to answer.

Leach chimed in to help out with what was clearly an awkward situation. Of course, Stone had to continue and ask if the khakis were meant to be intimidating. Talk about bizarre. At least Dantonio had enough class to not tell the reporter what he was really thinking.

This goes back to when the bowl games were announced and some MSU fans felt slighted by their Holiday Bowl selection, while Michigan got the Outback Bowl. Dantonio was asked by reporters what he thought about the selection, deferring the question and just pointing to his success against the Wolverines. That seemed to upset Harbaugh, who had a snide comeback of his own, to which Dantonio got roped into responding back. It seems, however, Harbaugh doesn’t like when Dantonio “talks about Michigan.”

Score one for Twitter again, I guess. Mr. Stone from KUSI-TV is definitely not getting received positively for the “antics” either.

Written by Michael Whitaker

Always at the front lines of Detroit Sports.

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