WATCH: Oscars 2017 Best Picture gaffe may be worst in television history

Steve Harvey has to be smiling after what happened on Sunday night near the conclusion of the 2017 Oscars.

It all started when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway came to the stage to announce the winner of Best Picture.

Dunaway read from the card, revealing that the Oscar for Best picture would go to La La Land. Little did she know, but her and Beatty had been given the card for Best Actress, which went to Emma Stone for her performance in La La Land.

Here are the moments immediately following the mistake when everyone realized that the Oscar for Best Picture was meant to go to Moonlight. Huge props to everyone from the La La Land team for the way the handled this mishap with extreme class.

Here is the full video (pardon the quality) which includes the announcement:

Following the mishap, PricewaterhouseCoopers apologized:

We sincerely apologize to “Moonlight,” “La La Land,” Warren Beatty, Faye Dunaway, and Oscar viewers for the error that was made during the award announcement for Best Picture. The presenters had mistakenly been given the wrong category envelope and when discovered, was immediately corrected. We are currently investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred.

We appreciate the grace with which the nominees, the Academy, ABC, and Jimmy Kimmel handled the situation.


Steve Harvey, who came into the spotlight after his gaffe during the 2016 Miss Universe competition, did chime in on the Oscars situation via his Twitter account.

Written by Don Drysdale

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