WATCH: Steve Yzerman talks about how long until the Red Wings win a Cup

When Steve Yzerman was drafted by the Detroit  Red Wings many years ago, you can bet his goal was to hoist a Stanley Cup.

After 14 seasons in a Red Wings sweater, that’s exactly what happened as Yzerman and his teammates got the job done, bringing the Cup back to Hockeytown.

Now, Yzerman has a new beginning with the Red Wings as he was hired in the offseason to be the team’s new general manager.

So, how long does Yzerman think it will take to win a Stanley Cup this time around?

”If we stick with it, and we get a little bit of luck on the way,” Yzerman said at Red Wings training camp in Traverse City, “hopefully it’ll happen before 14 years.”

It is no surprise that Yzerman, who is very calculated, did not want to make any bold predictions about winning a Cup, but you can bet he believes it will be much sooner than 14 years.




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