WATCH: Tennis star Kim Clijsters invites Wimbledon heckler to play in skirt


The latest chapter in the Wimbledon tennis tournament at the All England Club across the pond is drawing to a close, just a couple matches remain on Sunday. But the multi-week long event doesn't conclude without a bit of fun.

Female tennis star and champion Kim Clijsters was partaking in a doubles match on Friday. Before serving, Clijsters asks doubles partner Rennae Stubbs on where to aim her serve. That's when a male spectator shouted from the stands, “Body serve!”

The 8-time Grand Slam champion and former No. 1 ranked player responds by inviting the gentleman to join her and the players for a couple points. And fittingly, Clijsters gives him what he asked for.

For those unfamiliar with the game of tennis, a body serve is basically how it reads: a serve aiming for the body of an opposing player, making it more difficult to return than other serve variations.

Credit to the fan for not only making reasonable attempts to return the serve from Clijsters, but also for complying with the all-white dress code enforced at Wimbledon.

As the announcer says it best at the end, “That's a man… in a skirt… trying to return a Kim Clijsters serve. It's 2017, people.”