WATCH: Tigers’ DH Victor Martinez gets emotional as Indians’ fans give him standing ovation

For his first eight seasons in Major League Baseball, Victory Martinez took the field for the Cleveland Indians. During that time, he hit 103 home runs and had 518 RBIs in 821 games.

Now, V-Mart is in his 16th and final season as a pro and he is playing his final games in a Detroit Tigers uniform.

On Saturday, Martinez and the Tigers were in Cleveland for what very well could be his final game in front of Indians’ fans and to say things got a little emotional would be an understatement.

Watch as Indians’ fans give V-Mart a standing ovation as he does his best to hold off the tears.

There is still a chance that Martinez will have one more game against his former team but according to Tigers skipper Ron Gardenhire, V-Mart will make that call.


Golden Tate has message for ‘booing’ Detroit Lions’ fans

After a long offseason, Detroit Lions’ fans could not wait a second longer for the 2018 NFL season to finally kick off. When it did, it only took one play (not including the opening kickoff) for the Lions to take a 7-0 lead as the crowd at Ford Field went absolutely bonkers in support of their team.

Unfortunately, things went south quickly for the Lions in all aspects of the game and when all was said and done, they had lost 48-17 against a Jets team that was not supposed to be very good.

On multiple occasions during the game, many of the Lions fans in attendance at Ford Field could be heard booing their team. As the game went on and the Jets pulled further and further away, the boos just became louder and louder. That is until many Lions fans decided to head home early to avoid further pain.

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