WATCH: Yoenis Cespedes stares at ball resulting in inside the park home run

Yoenis Cespedes is man with a $75 million dollar contract, a different sports luxury car for each day of the year, and no time for your silly spring training baseball games.

It’s understandable how an everyday player like Cespedes might be over the rigmarole of spring training with the regular season and games that matter looming just around the corner. But the Mets outfielder took mentally checking out to a whole new level today when a ball hit by Houston Astros first baseman A.J. Reed flew over his head and landed on the warning track directly in front of him. That was all the baseball Cespedes needed to see on that play as he threw his arms up and called over the umpire to request Reed be given a ground rule double on the grounds that the ball was unplayable and he had already expended too much energy on the play. The umpire then clowns Cespedes like a seventh grader in a Katt Williams fight and Reed trots around the bases for the easiest inside the park home run you’ll ever see.

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