WATCH: Zetterberg sets up eventual Datsyuk goal with pass between legs

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When both Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk were ever on the ice together for the Detroit Red Wings, it was something special. They had a chemistry between one another that was unlike any other duo in the NHL.

On February 14, 2007, in a game against the Dallas Stars, Z and Pav did something special for Detroit a little past the midway point of the third period. Zetterberg came down the wing, corralling the puck as the pass to him got tipped initially. He was just near the back of the Stars’ net and before you knew it, the puck wasn’t on his stick anymore… It was in the back of the net. How did that happen? Well, on his way around the back of the net, Zetterberg passed the puck between his legs to Datsyuk who was in front of the net and buried the pass given, right past Dallas goaltender Mike Smith. The reaction by Smith clearly showed that he had absolutely no idea what just happened. Even Datsyuk’s reaction was one of pure excitement at what he and Zetterberg had just pulled off. The goal ultimately tied the game at one goal apiece.

When you have the opposing team’s announcers saying things like ‘gracious’ and ‘my, oh my’, you know you’ve done something impressive. It’s moments like these that truly show how great of a duo Henrik and Pavel were on the ice together.