WBC’s ‘Diarrhea Belt’ Sparks Outrage Among Boxing Fans

WBC's Latest Championship Title Backfires

The WBC recently created a new championship belt for the winner of the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury boxing match, but boxing fans are not happy. The belt, which recognizes the winner as the “Diriyah Champion,” has been dubbed the “Diarrhea Champion” by fans, causing backlash on social media. Some fans believe this new belt is a slap in the face to professional fighters who have dedicated their lives to the sport, while others question the legitimacy of the match and the need for a new championship title.

WBC Diarrhea Belt

Why it matters

The WBC's latest championship title has caused outrage among boxing fans and brought into question the legitimacy of the sport. Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are undefeated professional boxers, with Tommy Fury having a higher ranking and more fights under his belt than Jake Paul. However, fans and critics have questioned the creation of the new championship title. The backlash has raised concerns about the direction of the sport and whether it is losing its integrity in favor of spectacle.

The Big Picture: The Importance of Legitimacy in Professional Boxing

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The creation of the WBC's new championship title has questioned the legitimacy of professional boxing. Fans and critics alike wonder if the sport is losing its integrity and becoming more of a spectacle than a legitimate competition. The outrage over the “Diarrhea Belt” shows that fans are passionate about the sport and want to see it taken seriously.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury by the Numbers

  • Jake Paul's record: 4-0-0
  • Tommy Fury's record: 7-0-0
  • Tommy Fury's ranking: 52nd in the world
  • Jake Paul's ranking: not ranked
  • Tommy Fury's last fight: December 18, 2022
  • Jake Paul's last fight: December 18, 2022

What they're saying

  • “A slap in the face to any real professional fighter that’s busted his ass just to pay bills usually while holding down a full time job… I can go to any local gym and find guys all day that would be competitive with these two.” – A fan on the WBC Instagram page
  • “All boxers have a dedication and respect for the sport a lot more than Jake Paul. Most do it all their lives fighting for nothing in small halls while working 9-5 jobs selling their own tickets and trying to build a name by fighting in the ring, so should they all get a belt?” – Another fan on the WBC Instagram page

The Bottom Line – ‘Diarrhea Belt' Fails to Impress

The World Boxing Council's latest championship title, the “Diriyah Strap,” has sparked an outcry among boxing fans and has been given the derogatory nickname “Diarrhea Belt.” The championship title was created to recognize the winner of the highly anticipated Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury match, scheduled for February 26, 2023. However, the new title has cast doubt on the sport's legitimacy and has questioned whether it is transforming into a spectacle rather than a legitimate competition. Despite both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury being undefeated professional boxers, many fans are skeptical about their status as true professionals and view the creation of the new title as a disrespectful move toward professional boxers who have dedicated their lives to the sport.

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