Weather forecast for Michigan and Ohio State at the Big House

It's the hottest rivalry in college football, but it's going to be played in the cold.

The Ohio State Buckeyes visit the Michigan Wolverines today at the Big House in Ann Arbor, where the Wolverines will look to break a seven game losing streak to their arch-rivals.

As far as the weather is concerned, fans will want to bundle up. Per AccuWeather, the weather in Ann Arbor will consist of “plenty of clouds with a touch of snow, sleet and rain with little or no accumulation”. The temperature around kickoff at noon will be 35 degrees and isn't expected to get any higher than 38, with expected winds of 12-16 miles per hour. Additionally, the chances for precipitation from 12 to 4 PM hovers from 40-50%.

Here's hoping the weather won't have an effect on the game and the two rivals can duke it out in ideal conditions!