Week 10 AP Top 25 Poll: Michigan loses ground in rankings

Week 10 AP Top 25 Poll: Michigan loses ground in rankings.

Week 10 AP Top 25 Poll: Michigan loses ground in rankings

The recent release of the AP Top 25 Poll for Week 10 has stirred conversations, especially for fans of the Michigan Wolverines. Though they had their bye week in Week 9, the Wolverines remain at No. 2 in the poll. However, the latest poll reveals a slight setback for the Wolverines. Georgia maintains its grip on the number one position with an increased number of first-place votes, while Michigan's count has dwindled.

AP Top 25 Poll

Michigan Football Loses Ground

Michigan remains at number two, but they lost ground to No. 1 Georgia. Their first-place votes dropped from 19 in Week 9 to just nine in Week 10, as Georgia continued to assert its dominance, securing 48 first-place votes compared to 38 in the previous week.

Week 10 AP Top 25 Poll

1 Georgia (48)

2 Michigan (9)

3 Ohio St (3)

4 FSU (3)

5 Washington

6 Oregon

7 Texas

8 Bama

9 Penn St

10 OU

11 Ole Miss

12 Notre Dame

13 LSU

14 Mizzou

15 Louisville

16 Oregon St

17 Air Force

18 Utah

19 Tennessee


21 Tulane

22 Kansas

23 James Madison

24 USC

25 Kansas St

Michigan Football suspends Michigan vs. Michigan State Michigan Football staffer

What's Next For Michigan?

While Michigan prepares for an upcoming matchup against Purdue, the real test lies ahead. The Wolverines face a demanding three-game stretch, including away games against Penn State and Maryland, and a home game against their biggest rival, Ohio State. The performance in these critical games will be a litmus test for Michigan's championship aspirations. Should they emerge victorious in all four games, they'll silence the skeptics and strengthen their position on the gridiron.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michigan Wolverines maintain their number two spot in the AP Top 25 Poll.
  2. The Wolverines' first-place votes have decreased, while Georgia strengthens its position.
  3. Michigan faces a challenging three-game stretch, including Ohio State, to solidify their championship bid.

Bottom Line – The Path to Glory

Michigan may have slipped slightly in the latest poll, but their journey is far from over. The upcoming matchups against formidable opponents will shape their destiny. Will the maize and blue prevail, or will there be further surprises in the college football season? The bottom line is this: If Michigan wins out, they will be in the College Football Playoff.