DSN’s Week 12 NFL Power Rankings revealed

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At this point, the New Orleans Saints are the class of the NFC and the NFL for that matter. They are not the only one loss team. After defeating the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night, the Los Angeles Rams have joined the Saints. It sure looks like these two teams are the class of the conference and it may just come down to who gains the home-field advantage. For the time being, the Saints are atop the Week 12 NFL Power Rankings.

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#1 New Orleans Saints (9-1)

Weekly Results: W, 48-7 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Ranking Points: 207.92

Last Week:  1   Change: —

Note: This team is literally unstoppable on offense and the defense is getting better week by week.

#2 Pittsburgh Steelers (7-2-1)

Weekly Results:  W, 20-16 @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Ranking Points: 150.03

Last Week: 2    Change: —

Note: An ugly win, but a win nonetheless. Pittsburgh gets wins and that’s what matters.

#3 Kansas City Chiefs (9-2)

Weekly Results:  L,  51-54 @ Los Angeles Rams

Ranking Points: 140.67

Last Week: 3     Change: —

Note: KC is the class of the AFC, just lost a great game against the LA Rams. That may have been a preview of the Super Bowl.

#4 Los Angeles Rams (10-1)

Weekly Results:  W, 54-51 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Ranking Points: 135.15

Last Week: 4   Change: —

Note: It’s LA and N.O. in the NFC. What a great showing on MNF.

#5 Chicago Bears (7-3)

Weekly Results: W, 25-20 vs. Minnesota Vikings

Ranking Points: 112.95

Last Week: 6    Change: +1

Note: This Bears team just finds a way to win. The Defense is spectacular for a long enough period to win games.

#6 Minnesota Vikings (5-4-1) 

Weekly Results: L, 20-25 @ Chicago Bears

Ranking Points: 108.77

Last Week: 7    Change: +1

Note: QB Cousins is not earning his mega payday and RB Cook is close to being a bust, but the WR tandem of Diggs and Thielen along with a strong D keep them in games.

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#7 Indianapolis Colts (5-5)

Weekly Results:  W, 38-10 vs. Tennessee Titans

Ranking Points: 105.1

Last Week: 18    Change: +11

Note: A huge win over a Tennessee team that was highly ranked will vault them in the rankings, but this one of seven 5-5 teams. I’m not sure they are in the top 3 of those 7.

#8 Denver Broncos (4-6)

Weekly Results: W, 23-22 @ LA Chargers

Ranking Points: 93.9

Last Week: 15    Change: +7

Note: This is the best 4-6 team in the NFL. They don’t go down easily and if nothing else, they are looking to play spoiler. Truth be told, they are only one game out of the final wild-card spot.

#9 Houston Texans (7-3)

Weekly Results: W, 23-21 @ Washington Redskins

Ranking Points: 92.25

Last Week: 9    Change: —

Note: This team just keeps on finding ways to win. The defense is scary good and the offense gives you what you need to win.

#10 New England Patriots (7-3)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 92.05

Last Week: 10   Change: —

Note: TE Gronk should be back after the bye week. Let’s see which Patriots come out of the break.

#11 Dallas Cowboys (5-5)

Weekly Results: W, 22-19 @ Atlanta Falcons

Ranking Points: 90.5

Last Week: 12 (tie)   Change: +1

Note: Another 5-5 team that is better than the record shows. RB Elliott has things rolling and he will run this team into the playoffs.  The NFC East is theirs for the taking.

#12 Los Angeles Chargers (7-3)

Weekly Results: L, 22-23 vs. Denver Broncos

Ranking Points: 88.35

Last Week: 8    Change: -4

Note: This team is 7-3, but they play like a middle of the road 5-5 team. A tough loss to a good, bad team will drop them out of the top 10.

#13 Tennessee Titans (5-5)

Weekly Results:   L, 10-38 @ Indianapolis Colts

Ranking Points: 85.57

Last Week: 5    Change: -8

Note: Just when this team looked like they could be world beaters, they go and blow up on defense and they lose QB Mariota again.

#14 Baltimore Ravens (5-5)

Weekly Results: W, 24-21 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Ranking Points: 82.84

Last Week: 11    Change: -3

Note: Rookie QB Jackson may have stolen the starting job from an injured, aging Flacco. He did it with his legs, not his arms. This team is better than 5-5, but they are firmly in the playoff picture.

#15 Seattle Seahawks (5-5)

Weekly Results: W, 27-24 vs. Green Bay Packers

Ranking Points: 80.65

Last Week: 12 (tie)   Change: -3

Note: This Seattle team is showing that they are legit and can run the ball. When QB Wilson controls the offense, this team is tough to beat.

#16 Green Bay Packers (4-5-1)

Weekly Results:  L, 24-27 @ Seattle Seahawks

Ranking Points: 75.4

Last Week: 17   Change: +1

Note: This loss makes it very tough for Green Bay to come back and make the playoffs. A 5-1 finish seems unlikely and they now have to leapfrog two teams to win the division.

#17 Carolina Panthers (6-4)

Weekly Results:  L, 19-20 @ Detroit Lions

Ranking Points: 65.95

Last Week: 14    Change: -3

Note: A tough loss on the road against a depleted Lions team leaves them in the 5-spot in the NFC playoff picture.

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#18 Washington Redskins (6-4)

Weekly Results: L, 21-23vs. Houston Texans

Ranking Points: 60.3

Last Week: 20    Change: +2

Note: Losing the game was tough, they played really well against a very hot team, but losing QB Smith to a devastating broken leg (33 years to the day that the same injury sidelined Joe Theismann) will kill their playoff chances.

#19 Philadelphia Eagles (4-6)

Weekly Results: L, 7-48 @ New Orleans Saints

Ranking Points: 56.55

Last Week: 16    Change: -3

Note: If they were in the NFC, they would have a better chance of making the post-season. They are decimated on the defensive back 7. They are done after getting demolished by N.O.

#20 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-7)

Weekly Results: L, 16-20 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Ranking Points: 55.4

Last Week: 22 (tie)    Change: +2

Note: The 2017 surprise Jaguars have turned into the disappointing 2018 Jaguars. They will not make the postseason at this point. Too bad, they will be back next year and they will be a different team.

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#21 Detroit Lions (4-6)

Weekly Results: W, 25-20 vs. Carolina Panthers

Ranking Points: 55.3

Last Week: 22 (tie)    Change: +2

Note: A big win against a good Carolina team, but still pretty far out of the playoff picture. Tough divisional games remain plus they bring in the Rams.

#22 Atlanta Falcons (4-6)

Weekly Results:  L, 19-22 vs. Dallas Cowboys

Ranking Points: 54.05

Last Week: 19    Change: -3

Note: Another tough last-second loss and now this team is on the outside looking in. With N.O. running away with the division, they have to go on a run to get a wild-card slot.

#23 Cleveland Browns (3-6-1)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 50.6

Last Week: 21    Change: -2

Note: As crazy as it seems, this team is not out of playoff contention yet. After the bye, two tilts against the Bengals and also Houston, Carolina, Baltimore, and Denver. It will be tough and unlikely to make the post-season.

#24 Cincinnati Bengals (5-5)

Weekly Results: L, 21-24 @ Baltimore Ravens

Ranking Points: 36.1

Last Week: 25    Change: +1

Note: Good showing against a good Baltimore team. This team is not going anywhere, but they can certainly screw up some teams playoff hopes.

#25 San Francisco 49ers (2-8)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 17.15

Last Week: 26    Change: +1

Note: No hope for this season, but they could have a great draft pick to add to their team going forward.

#26 New York Giants (3-7)

Weekly Results: W, 38-35 vs.Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Ranking Points: 22.95

Last Week: 24    Change: -2

Note: So we know this team will not make the playoffs, but they are making strides as a team. I wouldn’t be surprised if they either draft QB Manning replacements or make a big FA signing. RB Barkley, WR Beckham, and TE Engram are a great base for this team going forward.

#27 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-7)

Weekly Results:  L, 35-38 @ New York Giants

Ranking Points: 16.1

Last Week: 28    Change: +1

Note: The QB roulette will turn again as QB Winston will take over…again. It doesn’t matter for this season. Not much hope for the near future here.

#28 Miami Dolphins (5-5)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 14.45

Last Week: 27    Change: -1

Note: I’ll say it again, the worst 5-5 team I’ve seen in a long time.

#29 Buffalo Bills (3-7)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: 1.08

Last Week: 29    Change: —

Note: Rookie QB Allen should be back this week. This team has actually performed halfway decent and I think is a bit better than their record.

#30 Arizona Cardinals (2-8)

Weekly Results:  L, 21-23 vs. Oakland Raiders

Ranking Points: -22.85

Last Week: 30   Change: —

Note: Ugly loss to a terrible Raiders team.  Here’s the good thing, going forward there are some great pieces on offense and defense, but they are at least two years from competing.

#31 New York Jets (3-7)

Weekly Results: Bye Week

Ranking Points: -27.35

Last Week: 31    Change: —

Note: HC Bowles is on the hot seat. Let see how the last 6 games go, but there should be a great piece to add via the draft.

#32 Oakland Raiders (2-8)

Weekly Results: W, 23-21 @ Arizona Cardinals

Ranking Points: -38.3

Last Week: 32    Change: —

Note: A nice win for the Raiders, but this season is a debacle.

Warning! These are not your usual Power Rankings. I’m not your everyday NFL analyst who throws his bias into how he ranks teams. I use a formula developed over many years and this is all about numbers. Please remember that Power Rankings are reactive and not predictive. This is where the teams stand following the previous weeks’ games. These rankings and the formulas and bonuses used to compile them are even for all teams.

Bottom Line: If you are a top 5 team playing a bottom 5 team and you win by a point or lose straight up, you will be penalized. If you win big, the rewards will boost you in the rankings.