Weight Continues to be an issue for Nick Fairley

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Nick Fairley is continuing to have issues with his weight during Lions training camp.  After reporting to camp at 295 pounds, and being told that that was too skinny, he quickly put back on 10 pounds getting back up to 305.  Well, it appears as though he hasn’t stopped gaining weight, as he has continued to pack on the weight and has been demoted to second team defense this week.

With the amount of practicing they are doing this time year, and being in team facilities where food is provided by the team and is usually of healthy varieties, makes it very hard to understand why Fairley is still putting on weight as training camp is continuing.

Perhaps the Lions did the right thing in not taking his fifth year option and making him have to perform, because even with this being a contract year, he’s putting on the weight, and from what it looks like he’s not performing very well in their practices either.  I guess we’ll see what happens as we get closer to the season, but for right now, it looks like Fairley isn’t playing anywhere close to his potential and the Lions were right in not taking that option.

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Posted by Daniel Nowaczyk
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