Western Michigan uses fake spike on their final offensive play to shock Toledo [Video]

The Western Michigan Broncos may have trailed Toledo 31-21 heading into the fourth quarter but that did not matter one bit as they stormed back for a 41-38 victory at Waldo Stadium in Kalamazoo.

But the fact that they won the game is not the biggest story from Wednesday night, the biggest story is how they won the game.

Watch as Broncos’ quarterback Kaleb Eleby rushes the offense to the line of scrimmage with the intention of spiking the football to stop the clock with just 20 seconds remaining in the game. At least we (and the Toledo defense) thought Eleby’s intention was to spike the ball. Instead, Eleby takes the snap, quickly fakes spiking the ball, and then finds a wide-open Jalen Hall for the game-winning touchdown.