WGN sportscaster refers to Michigan State player as a ‘thug’

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In case you missed it on Tuesday, Michigan State laid an absolute whooping on No. 4 Illinois to move to 6-9 in the Big Ten.

During the game, Illinois star guard Ayo Dosunmu has suffered a broken nose as a result of a hit by Spartans center Mady Sissoko. Sissoko was charged with a flagrant two foul and ejected from the game.

Well, apparently Dan Roan, who is a sportscaster from WGN in Chicago believes Sissoko is a “Spartan thug” for his actions.

Be better, Dan.

6 thoughts on “WGN sportscaster refers to Michigan State player as a ‘thug’”

  1. Obviously Mihigan state does not have the talent this year so they have reverted to brawling and injuring star players. Referees need to stop this or the dirtiest teams win. In the past I have repected Tom Izzo. Not this year. I will be rooting for anybody who plays against these thugs. Can they Fight Dirty and win-yes. Can they play basketball and win -No.

    • Mr. Brady, you must not have watched the game. Sissoko got away with a flagrant earlier when he hit Kofi Cockburn in the head.

      And as several people have already posted…the talent is thin at MSU this year. So the current strategy is to foul hard and get your opponent off their game. And count on the fact that the refs aren’t going to call everything. Kind of pathetic where Izzo has gone.

  2. Refs are trying like hell to get Mich. St. head coach back in the tournament. I never cry about the refs but it is just so damn obvious watching the Mich St. Illinois game and the OSU vs Mich St game. The refs should be fined or fired.

  3. Sissoko IS a thug, 2 head shots in one game. He should have been suspended at least as long as Dosunmo is out, along with Izzo, who bragged about being really rough in the game. You should be better and call out thuggish play from your team just like you would if it had happened to Aaron.

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