What a Jared Goff contract extension could look like for Detroit Lions

Jared Goff has been playing better and better for the Detroit Lions, and at this point in time, it seems like he could get a contract extension.

When the Detroit Lions traded Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in exchange for a trio of draft picks and quarterback Jared Goff, most believed that Goff would only be around in the Motor City until the Lions could find a long-term replacement. That being said, Goff has been playing better and better, and it now seems more likely that the Lions will sign him to a contract extension, rather than let him walk. So, what could a contract extension look like for Goff?

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What could a contract extension look like for Detroit Lions QB Jared Goff?

If Goff keeps playing as he has been playing recently, there is a chance the Lions could sign him to a contract extension during the upcoming offseason.

Goff is currently in Year 2 of his 4-year, $134 million deal, which means the Lions do have some time to decide on whether or not they want to sign him to an extension. That being said, it has been becoming more trendy to sign an important player to an extension sooner than later, as it generally can help a team financially.

So, how much will Goff get in a contract extension?

Though this may seem high to some people, I really believe that the Lions will end up offering Goff a 3-year contract extension worth about $115.5 million or so ($38.5 million or so). This would keep him around in Detroit through the 2027 season.

Before you think I am crazy, $38.5 million per season would currently place Goff at No. 10 on the QB salary list, just ahead of Kirk Cousins. Goff is currently the No. 11 paid quarterback in the league.

Nation, let us know what you think. Should the Lions sign Goff to a contract extension? If so, what is the max amount of money you would offer him?