What Detroit Lions legend would make the biggest difference for the 2023 team?

When you look up and down the Detroit Lions roster, there is no question about it that it is much more solid than it was when Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes took over, but that does not mean they do not have holes to fill. But what if the Lions could add any player from the history of their franchise to their 2023 squad? Which former Lions legend would make the biggest difference? Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus took a stab at answering that question and he did not go with Barry Sanders, or even Calvin Johnson.

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Key Points

  • According to Sam Monson of PFF, the Detroit Lions legend who would make the biggest difference for the 2023 team is not Barry Sanders or even Calvin Johnson.
  • Despite the temptation to choose Barry Sanders, Monson believes that the Lions can find a greater upgrade.

What Detroit Lions legend would make the biggest difference for the 2023 team?

According to Sam Monson of PFF, the Lions legend who would make the biggest difference for this year’s team is none other than Bobby Layne.

You have no idea how hard it was to resist the urge to add Barry Sanders to this roster. Much though it would be amazing to watch, it wouldn’t move the needle as much as other additions. Calvin Johnson and Dick “Night Train” Lane were both close calls, but in the end I think the Lions can find a big enough upgrade on Jared Goff in Bobby Layne.

Layne’s box score stats are ugly, but that’s largely due to the era he played in. He led the league in passing twice, was a member of the NFL’s All-Decade team for the 1950s and, crucially, won three NFL championships. Lane, adjusted for era, is a clear upgrade over Goff.

Written by W.G. Brady

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