What the Detroit Lions could net if they tag-and-trade Kenny Golladay

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Will Kenny Golladay be a member of the Detroit Lions when the 2021 regular season begins?

That is one of the biggest questions the Lions face and we could know the answer as soon as Tuesday as that just so happens to be the first day that NFL teams are allowed to use their franchise tag on a player.

At this point, it seems highly likely that the Lions will use the franchise tag on Golladay as it would give them more time to decide whether or not he fits into their long-term plans. But the Lions could decide to use the tag on Golladay even if they do not believe he is part of their long-term plans.

As we have mentioned before on DSN, the Lions could use the tag on Golladay with the intention of trading him.

So, what kind of return package could the Lions expect in return for Golladay?

According to Nick Baumgardner of The Athletic, the Lions could net a 2nd round pick for Golladay if they decide to go the tag-and-trade route but that may be on the high end.

From The Athletic:

Teams can begin assigning franchise tags Tuesday, and through March 9. Over the Cap projects the 2021 wide receiver franchise tender at $16.4 million. If the Lions can find a trade partner interested in Golladay long term, getting him to sign the tender before trading him feels like a manageable option.

As far as the return? A first-rounder is doubtful. A second-round pick might be on the table, but given the Lions’ situation in this scenario — basically needing to move Golladay — that might also be tough. The last receiver moved via tag and trade was Jarvis Landry, who went from the Dolphins to the Browns in 2018. The Dolphins got a fourth and a seventh in that deal — but Landry was more productive in his four years on his Miami rookie contract than Golladay has been in his Lions tenure.

If the Lions can get multiple picks for Golladay, that would be more draft capital for Holmes to work with as Detroit figures out its new team identity.

Nation, what do you think the Lions should do with Golladay?

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