WHOA! Detroit Lions CB Nevin Lawson loses it when asked about Aaron Rodgers injury

On Sunday, the Detroit Lions were absolutely dominated in all phases of the game before the New Orleans Saints took their foot off the gas. When all was said and done, the Saints defeated the Lions 52-38 in front of their home fans.

If you have ever played a sport, or have common sense, you know that players from the losing team are generally not too happy after a bad loss. Unhappy players can often lead to some interesting responses to reporter’s questions following the game.

That’s exactly happened on Sunday when Lions cornerback Nevin Lawson was asked to comment about the potential season-ending injury to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Lawson was clearly not thrilled about a reporter asking about a situation that had absolutely nothing to do with the game the Lions just played and he let his frustration show.

“We just played a game. I ain’t worried about no damn Aaron Rodgers. Fuck Aaron Rodgers.” Lawson told reporters.

To be fair, Lawson’s response had every right to respond the way he did to a question that had nothing to do with the game he just played in. That being said, and I am probably reading between the lines too much, but Lawson may not be the biggest Aaron Rodgers fan in the world.

Rodgers broke his collarbone during the Packers 23-10 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. After being examined, the Packers tweeted out that Rodgers could miss the rest of the 2017 regular season while he allows his collarbone to heal.