WHOA! Michigan State’s Breslin Center flooded after pipe bursts [Video]

Winter in Michigan often means treacherous roads for drivers and broken pipes for homeowners.

With temperatures dropping below freezing in East Lansing on Wednesday, Michigan State's Breslin Center had a bit of an issue with their pipes.

As you can see in the video below, the cold weather caused a pipe to burst, causing quite the mess at the home of the Spartans.

According to officials, the flood did not reach the floor of the Breslin and despite what it looks like in the video, the flood is considered rather minor.

Michigan State's next home game, which is scheduled for Friday, will not be affected by the flood.


Jim Caldwell responds to ‘skin color’ playing a role in how he is treated

On Tuesday, The Times Herald published an editorial written by Joseph Hayes about Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell that has raised some eyebrows. In the piece, Hayes claimed that Caldwell is treated unfairly by the local media and Lions fans and it has nothing to do with his coaching abilities, but rather because of the color of his skin.

Let’s be real. It’s obvious that many fans don’t like Caldwell, and it doesn’t have anything to do with winning.

For many Lions fans, Caldwell can do nothing right. These are the same fans that called African-Americans thugs for quietly taking a knee during the national anthem. These are the same people who cheered with approval when President Donald Trump called football players “Sons of b——.”

Now, these ‘”fans” have the best coach in modern Lions history in their sights. And no, it’s not just because of the terrible loss to Cincinnati. For many, it’s because he has brown skin.

To view the rest of the article, and to read Jim Caldwell's reaction to the above excerpt, please click here.