WHOA! NFL agent reportedly puts Detroit Lions’ HC Matt Patricia on blast!

On Monday, the Detroit Lions stole the show in free agency as they came to an agreement with four free agents, including the highly coveted Trey Flowers.

In the past, Detroit has not exactly been a prime destination for free agents and the Lions have probably had to overpay for players more than most teams in the league.

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In a poll conducted by MM|QB of Sports Illustrated, the following question was asked to NFL agents:

What Are the Best and Worst Landing Spots for Free Agents?

Here are the results for the top destinations. (Via SI)

1. Dallas, 11 votes
2. Seattle, 8
3. Miami, 8
4. L.A. Rams, 7
5. Atlanta, 5

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Others receiving votes: Philadelphia (4), Houston (4), Indianapolis (3), New England (3), Arizona (2), Denver (2), L.A. Chargers (2), New Orleans (2), N.Y. Giants (2), Pittsburgh (2), San Francisco (2), Tampa Bay (2), Tennessee (2), Baltimore, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Minnesota

As you can see, the Lions did not receive a single vote as a top destination, which means only one thing. They must be in the bottom group.

Here is a look at the bottom five.

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1. Buffalo, 12 votes
2. Oakland, 11
3. Cincinnati, 8
4. Detroit, 7
5. Cleveland, 6

Others receiving votes: Jacksonville (5), N.Y. Giants (3), N.Y. Jets (4), Green Bay (3), New England (3), San Francisco (3), Washington (3), L.A. Chargers (2), Arizona, Denver, Minnesota, New Orleans, Tampa Bay

Ugh. Though it is not too big of a surprise, it still stinks to see the Lions as the fourth worst free agent destination according to NFL agents.

But what one agent said about Lions' head coach Matt Patricia is what really caught our attention. Check it out.

“The fourth-worst destination, Detroit, has the added knock of a locker room that appears dysfunctional to players looking in from the outside. “Especially with Matt ‘I think I’m Belichick but I haven’t done s—’ Patricia,” one agent said.”

Oh my!

Nation, do you agree with this?

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