Why (and how) the Detroit Tigers should trade Miguel Cabrera

I cannot believe that I am writing an article about why (and how) the Detroit Tigers should trade Miguel Cabrera.

Heading into the 2022 season, I was one of the slappies who actually believed that the Tigers could potentially contend for a wild card spot in the playoffs. At worst, I figured they would finish above .500 and they would be ready to contend in 2023, which will almost certainly be Cabrera’s final season in Major League Baseball.

But as we know, things have come close to going as I (and many others) thought they would and Cabrera and his Tigers teammates are sitting 19 games under the .500 mark as they approach 100 games played for the season.

With the Major League Baseball trade deadline quickly approaching, there is no doubt that the Tigers will be taking offers on a few of their players (specifically bullpen arms) but what they should be doing is trying to trade Miguel Cabrera if that is something that he wants.

For Miggy, Being in Detroit Mattered

Why (and how) the Detroit Tigers should trade Miguel Cabrera

That’s right, folks. I just wrote that the Detroit Tigers should try to trade Miguel Cabrera before the 2022 MLB trade deadline if he would prefer to play for a contender.

Now, if you have not already clicked out of this article, please hear me out on this one.

As I said earlier, it is very likely (he has already said this is the plan) that Cabrera will retire from baseball following the 2023 season, and at this point, it sure as hell does not look like the Tigers are anywhere close to contending before he hangs up his cleats.

I truly believe that GM Al Avila should approach Cabrera and ask him if he would like to be traded to a contender so that he can make one more run at a World Series before he hangs up his cleats.

Cabrera has given everything he could give to the Tigers and the right thing to do would be to try and ship him to a contender.

The question is, who in the heck is going to want to pay Cabrera for the rest of this season and then another $32 million in 2023?

That answer is very simple. NOBODY!

'Fire Al Avila Night' to be held at Comerica Park

So, how can the Tigers trade Cabrera if nobody wants his contract?

I believe the Tigers should agree to pay as much of Cabrera’s contract (both for the remainder of this year and in 2023) as it would take to get a contender to make an offer.

Heck, let’s say a team really wants RHP Michael Fulmer. Maybe the Tigers could say they will make the deal if the team also takes Cabrera (minus his contract).

Maybe the Tigers would have to offer to pay half of the money Cabrera is still owed or maybe they would have to pay ALL of it. Honestly, it should not matter. If there is an offer on the table, the Tigers should pay up to do the right thing so that Cabrera can go out a winner.

Because that sure as hell is not going to happen in Detroit.

Nation, do you think the Detroit Tigers should attempt to trade Miguel Cabrera to a contender?

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1 thought on “Why (and how) the Detroit Tigers should trade Miguel Cabrera”

  1. Thanks for the article. I needed a good laugh to start my day. Nobody wants a $30 million punch and judy hitter. Most of his hits this year have been weak to right field. He’s striking out wat too much. Then someone is stuck with him next year. If he had 12-15 home runs at this point, he’s tradeable, but 4, and he just hit his first in over 2 months. No GM in his right mind wants him at this point.


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