Why Detroit Lions OG Jonah Jackson is sitting pretty

Detroit Lions offensive guard Jonah Jackson has been a solid player since he was drafted in 2020. However, there has been chatter that he may not receive a contract extension due to the team's financial constraints. Left guard is considered by some to be a relatively replaceable position and some believed the Lions would select a player in the 2023 NFL Draft to replace him. That being said, the Lions did not select a player who can play guard until they selected Colby Sorsdal late in the draft. Because of that, it sure does look like Jackson will be getting a solid contract extension sooner than later.

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Key Points

  • Jackson is entering a contract year and may not receive an extension due to the team's financial constraints.
  • The Lions did not draft an offensive lineman until late in the draft, making it unlikely that a rookie will be able to replace Jackson.
  • Left guard is a relatively replaceable position, but Jackson has been a consistent performer since being drafted.
  • It seems likely that Jackson will receive a contract extension in the next few months.

Why it Matters

Jackson may have been overlooked and underappreciated, but with no obvious plan in place to replace him, he is now in line for a contract extension prior to training camp.

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Big Picture: Jackson's Impact on the Lions' Offense

Jackson's consistency and dependability have made him a valuable asset to the Lions' offensive line. While left guard may not be the most glamorous position, it is a critical one in ensuring the success of the offense. Jackson's performance has not gone unnoticed, and the team is likely recognizing the importance of retaining him.

Bottom Line – Jonah Jackson is Worth Keeping

Jackson's steady play at left guard has made him a valuable asset to the Detroit Lions. While there may have been concerns about his future with the team, the lack of a viable succession plan and his consistent performance make it likely that he will receive a contract extension in the near future. For the Lions, retaining Jackson is a smart move that will help ensure the continued success of their offense.

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