Why Penei Sewell decided to become a vocal leader for Detroit Lions

Penei Sewell reveals which Detroit Lions player told him that it was time for him to step up with his voice.

Penei Sewell has quickly established himself as a standout player, not only on the Detroit Lions offensive line but in the NFL. Despite being only 22 years old, Sewell has taken on the role of a leader within the team. As the previous season progressed, he felt a calling to step up and be more vocal. On Thursday, Sewell spoke to the media and he explained which Lions' veteran told him it was time to lead with his voice.

Penei Sewell Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • Sewell has become a vocal leader for the Detroit Lions.
  • Despite his young age, Sewell has established himself as one of the best tackles in the league.
  • He felt a calling to embrace the role of a vocal leader as the previous season progressed.
  • Jared Goff, the team's quarterback, encouraged Sewell to step up and be more expressive.
  • Being a vocal leader extends beyond the field and includes fostering relationships in the locker room.
  • Sewell is aware of the heightened expectations for the upcoming season and is ready to meet them.

Why Penei Sewell decided to become a vocal leader for Detroit Lions

According to Sewell, it was Lions QB Jared Goff who encouraged him to embrace this role. Sewell followed his instincts and let his heart speak

“As the season went along, I felt like my body was trying to say something and I didn't know whether it was to myself, whether it was to a specific person, or whether it was to the whole team,” Sewell said on Thursday. “One of my teammates came up to me and was like, ‘You've got to talk.' It was actually Jared. I just kind of stepped into that role and let my heart speak and ran from there.” 

Sky's the limit

He understands that being a leader goes beyond the field, extending into the locker room where teammates forge deeper connections. Sewell's leadership position was not bestowed upon him by coaches; it was a player-led initiative, with Dan Campbell granting the players the freedom to take charge. With the team rallying behind him, Sewell looks forward to meeting the heightened expectations in the upcoming season.

“Sky's the limit, to be honest,” Sewell continued. “Whatever's out there, like awards, the Super Bowl, I believe we have the right guys to accomplish that goal. So the sky's the limit, and I can't wait to see what we do this year.”

Bottom Line – Leading the Charge to New Heights

Sewell's decision to become a vocal leader for the Detroit Lions demonstrates his maturity and dedication to the team's success. Despite his young age, Sewell has taken on the responsibility of guiding and inspiring his teammates. By embracing this role, he has not only enhanced the on-field performance but also strengthened the bond among the players. As the Lions approach the upcoming season with high expectations, Sewell's leadership will be instrumental in driving the team to new heights. With his talent, passion, and commitment, the sky's the limit for Penei Sewell and the Detroit Lions.


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