Why Semaj Morgan Could Be the Difference-Maker for Michigan

Semaj Morgan’s confidence and versatility make him a key player for Michigan’s upcoming football season.

There are considerable unknowns when it comes to Michigan’s offense heading into the upcoming football season, but sophomore receiver Semaj Morgan is supremely confident in his ability to be a difference-maker. Last year, he had 67 yards and two touchdowns on four carries, and 204 yards on 22 catches with another two touchdowns.

“Semaj is gonna be the same everywhere he goes, so that dog you see on the field is gonna be that same person you talk to in the locker room after the game hanging out,” sophomore running back Ben Hall said recently. “A guy like that on your team is a catalyst for a lot of big things. You see him come in and make big plays, big runs, big catches, he can do everything. When you have a guy with that kind of energy, it’s just transformative for your team.”

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Building on a Strong Foundation

Semaj Morgan said he has continued to improve from his offseason training and trusts his coaches. “I feel like they’re getting me ready,” he said. “The whole process of being a college (player), going through my freshman year, (it’s) a process of growing and seeing things. I feel like it’s gonna help me excel this year and the next year. I’m just starting to understand things more now. Right now, I feel like I’m at a place where I can keep getting better every day.”

Versatile and Determined

“Semaj Morgan plays like he’s 6-5,” Alex Orji, competing for Michigan’s starting quarterback job, said at a recent quarterbacks camp he co-hosted in Detroit. “He’s a dog. He’s a great guy to be around just because you can kind of tell he always had that chip on his shoulder, guys telling him that maybe he’s not big enough or not strong enough. He’s gonna show you that he’s a dog. He’s gonna play great football.”

Morgan agreed with Hall’s assessment that he can be a catalyst for big plays this season. He also said he sees himself being used in several different ways. How, exactly? “Wide receiver, running back, quarterback, returner,” Morgan said without hesitation.

Semaj Morgan is Ready to Defy the Doubters

He has heard those who doubt the ability of this team to be a contender this season. “We don’t feed into it at all,” Morgan said. “Last year they said we wasn’t gonna win nothing, and we won the whole thing. They saying we probably ain’t gonna be this good this year, but they don’t really know nothing. At the end of the day, it’s fans and people who don’t know. Why would you feed into it? That’s how I feel about it. “I know everything about the team, man. I feel like we gonna have a great year this year, and whatever they talking about, it is what it is. They’re gonna be talking about something else very soon.”

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